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School Sports Coaching


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Teacher CPD

Young Leaders

EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES(Breakfast, Lunchtime & after school clubs):
We provide expertly delivered breakfast, lunchtime and after-school clubs in a huge variety of sports clubs. This will ensure all children receive the opportunity to be involved in an activity they enjoy, as well as see themselves excel and succeed beyond school hours. We work in conjunction with schools to provide clubs, which are sought after by children and parents alike, to provide an effective affordable programme of activity.


Working with a large number of schools across Redditch/Bromsgrove, P&E Sports provides qualified coaches to deliver a range of structured curriculum activities. Sports programs include net-wall games, athletics , invasion games, striking & fielding games, dance and gymnastics.

We are able to offer year-round support, based upon the individual requirements of each school. All Physical Education lessons are designed according to specific learning outcomes and adhere to the national curriculum, covering all areas of sporting activity.

Teacher CPD
Many of our current schools have been using sport premium funding by having one of our experienced coaches delivering PE alongside the class teacher so as not only giving the children high quality PE in a planned, progressing and engaging way but also serving as CPD for the class teacher. By schools using their sports premium funding in this way these schools are meeting the goals, object lives and assessment criteria of the funding set out by OFSTED.

Young Leaders
P&E Sports provide training to lead younger pupils in structured, fun games at lunchtime. The project has had a massive impact with better behaviour at lunchtimes because pupils are actively engaged in activity, the leaders' confidence and self esteem has risen during the delivery at playtimes.

The Playground Leaders are taught skills such as communication, fair play, organising groups/teams and the STEP principle (space, task, equipment, people).

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